If upgrading from 2.x, please read the breaking changes in the developers section

  • run composer require ryssbowh/craft-themes:^3.0 (Craft 3)
  • Install plugin in control panel
  • Install/Create a theme
  • Add a rule in the settings to load a theme or set a default theme.
  • If you're using the Pro version, your Sections/Category group templates should extend or look like themed_page and render your theme's regions

Be aware of the following rules regarding to install/uninstall themes :

  • Uninstalling this plugin will uninstall all themes.
  • Disabling this plugin will disable all themes.
  • Installing a theme that extends another will automatically install that other theme.
  • Disabling a theme will disable all theme that extend from it.
  • Uninstalling a theme will permanently delete all its blocks/displays/layouts (Pro edition only)
  • Switching from pro edition to lite edition will permanently delete all blocks/displays/layouts


  • PHP 7.3 or over
  • PHP Intl extension
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