Dev tools (Pro)

User Preferences

You'll find two new user preferences :

  • Show templates suggestions and available variables on the front end
  • Show some shortcuts on layouts for quick links to edit elements and layouts

Template suggestions

Templates suggestions will display as html comments on your frontend which allows you to quickly get the template name you need to override. You'll also see the defined variables that you can use in your template.

Note that template suggestions will always be disabled on production environments.

Control Panel shortcuts

If enabled in the settings (enabled by default) you will see some shortcuts (displays and blocks) on element edit pages (entries, users, assets, globals, categories):

Templates overridden

From version 3.3 you will see a new utility page where you can check which templates are overridden by which theme :

Reinstalling data

If something looks off in the displays, you can always reinstall the themes data in the plugin settings. This will create missing fields/displayers for all themes and elements (entry types, category groups etc), and delete the orphans. This is a "safe" operation to do in the sense that it will not change the data that is correct but will only fix errors (missing fields and displayers) and remove the unecessary data.

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