Basic notions (Pro)

The Pro version works quite differently from how you could be used to build websites, to a page is associated a layout, the theme loaded on that page defines regions to which can be assigned blocks. Each layout has a view mode and each view mode defines displays (or groups of displays) :

Layouts are automatically created by the system as you create/delete entry types and anything that can have fields or urls.

Regions they are defined by the theme itself, blocks can be assigned to them.

Blocks are defined on the layouts that allow them, they can be assigned to a region of the theme. The system block Content will contain the displays.

Displays define how fields and assets are rendered on the front end, each field/asset will have a displayer with some options. This plugin comes with default displayers for each type of craft field and each kind of asset. Displays can be organised in groups.

View modes define a set of displayers and options for a layout. Every Layout that can have view modes comes with a default one. This allows you to render an element differently in different parts of the page.

This theme engine comes with default blocks and field/asset displayers, that might not fit your needs. To learn how to define new blocks, field and asset displayers, see the developers documentation

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