This plugin is free to use in lite version.

The Pro version is $39 and $15/year for updates.

The lite version will allow you to :

  • Install themes from the store or any git repository (composer, github, local filesystem etc)
  • Define your own themes that can extend each other
  • Choose which theme will be used for which site, language, viewport or url path according to a set of rules.
  • Compile scss files

The Pro version will allow you to :

  • Define regions in your themes
  • Assign blocks to the themes regions
  • Define your own blocks
  • Define your own view modes for each entry types/category groups/global sets/tag groups/volumes/users layouts
  • Choose how your fields and assets are displayed on the front end depending on their view modes and options
  • Define your own fields and assets displayers
  • Use a templating cascading system that allows bespoke rendering
  • Eager load fields automatically
  • Use several caching layers for faster rendering

What it doesn't allow you to do :

  • Change the backend look and feel
  • Override plugins templates (unless specific case, see developers readme)
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