The dashboard is on the main menu, under "User Activity".

You can filter activity by users, type of activity and date range. The hot reload option will reload the activity automatically every 5 seconds.

Description of columns :

  • User : The user logged in when the activity was triggered
  • Site : The current site when the activity was triggered. This only shows if you're in a multi site configuration
  • Request : The type of request which can be :
    • Console
    • Site
    • Control Panel
    • Yaml config : This request is for when someone applies yaml config, regardless of whether it's done through the control panel or console
  • Activity title
  • User IP : Hidden by default, must be enabled in the settings
  • Date


An extra section is shown on the user edit page, to show the latest 10 logs recorded for that user.

This will only be visible to users who have the permissions View activity records


You can export logs through the control panel. This plugin comes with 2 exporters, text and pdf, more can be defined by plugins.

You can also export logs through a console command, example with all options enabled :

craft activity/export pdf --date-from=10/12/2022 --date-to=15/12/2022 --users=1,2 --types=pluginEnabled,pluginDisabled --name=export-[date] --folder=@storage/activity-exports

Dates must be in the format d/m/Y.

The [date] token in the name will be replaced by today's date.

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