User activity 1.x

Record user activity in Craft, this plugin can record and keep track of changed fields for pretty much any event that happens in the frontend/control panel/console whether it's an element or some config that's being changed.

User activity and the fields changed will remain viewable even when the object recorded for no longer exists.

The config tracking will not work if you've opt out of Project Config on which it's based.

This plugin comes with a rule system to configure what events are ignored so you can tailor it to your needs. See the settings page to learn more.

List of actions that this plugin can record and track changes for :


  • Entries (created, saved, deleted, restored, moved, reverted to revision)
  • Assets (created, saved, deleted, restored)
  • Users (created, saved, deleted, restored)
  • Globals (saved)
  • Categories (created, saved, deleted, restored, moved)
  • Users
    • Created, saved, deleted, restored
    • Logged in, out
    • Permissions changed
    • Activated, self activated
    • Assigned groups
    • Used invalid token
    • Locked, unlocked
    • Registered
    • Suspended, unsuspended
    • Email verified
    • Failed to login

All Craft fields tracking is supported, as well as :

Please open a ticket on github to request a new type of field to be supported.


  • Volumes (created, saved, deleted)
  • Asset transforms (created, saved, deleted)
  • Category groups (created, saved, deleted)
  • Entry types (created, saved, deleted)
  • Sections (created, saved, deleted)
  • Fields (created, saved, deleted)
  • Field groups (created, saved, deleted)
  • Global sets (created, saved, deleted)
  • Sites (created, saved, deleted)
  • Tag groups (created, saved, deleted)
  • User groups (created, saved, deleted, permissions changed)
  • User layout changed


  • Email settings changed
  • General settings changes
  • User settings changed
  • Asset settings changed


  • Backups (created, restored)
  • Plugins (enabled, disabled, installed, uninstalled, config changed, edition changed)
  • Routes (saved, deleted)
  • Widgets (created, saved, deleted)
  • Emails (sent, failed)
  • Craft edition changed
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