Emails 2.x/3.x

Take control over your emails in the CMS, modify and translate content, create new emails and mailing shots and keep track of the emails sent by your website.


  • Modify system emails (new account, reset password, email address change)
  • Create new emails using twig code directly in the cms
  • Create different emails templates
  • Change sender, bcc, cc, reply to parameters of each email
  • Resend emails
  • Add assets as attachements
  • Preview
  • Create email shots to send to various sources, users or emails
  • Integrate to mailchimp to get lists as email sources
  • View logs of every sent emails and email shots, who sent it, when and to whom
  • Integrate to triggers and define a new action "Send Email"


You must install a wysiwyg plugin to write html emails, supported plugins are Redactor and Ckeditor.

Redactor has been deprecated in Craft 5 so version 3.x only supports Ckeditor.

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