From 2.1.0 you can define a default policy which all new elements will take. By default this default policy does not restrict anything.

You will need to define policies for each section/volume/category groups/product types and users in the settings, there are several policies :

  • Do not restrict (default before 2.1.0)
  • Default policy (From 2.1.0, default)
  • Restrict all : Prevent deletions when the element is referenced in another element, in drafts and revisions also
  • Restrict all but revisions : Same as above but not in revisions
  • Restrict all but drafts : Same as above but not in drafts
  • Restrict all but drafts and revisions : Same as above but not in drafts or revisions

Site/Console requests

You can disable all restrictions for Site or Console requests


Admin users have all permissions on Craft, but not with this plugin. Admins will be prevented to delete, unless allowed specifically in the setting "Admins can skip all deletion policies".

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